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The Secret of Sinclair

Hi Guys, this is an excerpt of my latest installment in the Undercover Lust Series. The title is not set in stone, so if you have suggestions let me know. Kisses, Nicky — Excerpt: While being a police detective with the Seattle police department was rewarding. The case I was working involving the […]

My Latest Release: Kickstand’s Chronicle

Kickstand’s Chronicle Undercover Lust, Part 4 Rex Lancaster is brought in to help Scarlet work deeper into the Rowdy Rebels M.C Dealing with now being a Private Detective and the loss of his secretary Rex must balance it all to remain focused and not lose sight of his overall objective We learn more about […]

Undercover Chronicle

Motorcycle Club Skank Hi Guys, This is an excerpt of my latest installment in the Undercover Lust Series.Excerpt:My name is Rex Lancaster, I was a detective with the Seattle Police Department. I made the decision to one day leave the force and to become a Private Detective after some drama, don’t get me wrong, I […]

Newest Release Crashing The Concert

Crashing The Concert (Undercover Lust, Part 2) and her partner arrive at another crime scene. Upon further investigation she discovers that the female that was murdered was her mother that had disappeared earlier. Convincing the Chief to allow her to remain on the case she continues to hunt clues. One of the things that […]

Sandra Sloan

Joining Fantasy, Action and Adeventure in One Hell of an Erotic Ride

Andrew Eyes

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Thrilling Stories and Fun Mysteries!

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